By far the creepiest scrap technique ever!!!

I was watching Scrapbook Memories on tv today and I saw the most disturbing thing I have seen and a while – and I am a mom of boys.

They woman who teaches the digital technique of the week was using the morphing tool on Photoshop today. She was turning pouts and pusses into smiles. But not normal, natural-looking smiles – no way! These are Stepford looking smiles.

Here, check it out and how creepy it is for yourself. As for me I will just keeps the pictures of the pouts and pusses as signs that my children are real, live humans.



One Punch Wonder

There are some scrapbookers who have a million tools and embellishments in a room that they devote entirely to their craft. I don’t have either. I am just a regular mom. I scrap because I want the stories and objects that go along with the pictures preserved together in whole memories. My pages aren’t perfect but they are perfectly me.

This is one I really like. It is simple, easy, and clearly the focus is the pictures. I used just three sheets of cardstock (two sided orange and yellow), one punch, and a pen. (and glue) I punched all around the edges of the pages and backed them with strips of orange. Then I took all the bones that were made with my punch and wrote out the title. The date bone and the journaling were made from the scraps from the backing.

This was a fast, easy, 15-minute page.


Favorite Book of the Week


This week Favorite Book Friday has been moved to Saturday (sorry out there – I’ll take swimming with the kiddos over blogging any day.

Learning at home is not just for homeschoolers – when it is so fun and interesting that you find yourself discussing math before bed it is a very good thing. This week its “Probably Pistachio” by Stuart J Murphy. This is part of the “MathStart” series which I highly recommend in total.

This is a level two book, which I think is for ages 7-8, but I think the age range should be much broader. With fun pictures and an interesting story about a little boy even my 2 year old sat and listened. All three of my kids loved it and my 5 year old daughter learned a new concept along the way (probability in case you hadn’t guessed.)

Nothing goes right for Jack all day long. He can’t find his favorite sneakers, he spills milk on his math homework, and worst of all, he gets tuna fish for lunch. Will things ever get better?

Readers will learn how to tell when something is certain, more likely, less likely, or impossible as Jack keeps hoping his streak of bad luck will break. Maybe, just maybe, pistachio ice cream for dessert will do the trick. But will it happen? Considering how Jack’s day has been going, PROBABLY NOT!

Begining Scrapbookers – Lakeside Layout

It is so hot that I wish I was up at the Lake. Which made me think of my layout about the Lake. We spent a wonderful day at the lake about a month ago and I had so many pictures I wanted to use but I didn’t really want to make two pages. I have three kids so a lot of my pages have six pictures on them – that’s all I can seem to get on a page without doing a collage or something of that sort.

Remember, scrapbooking is about preserving memories not about being fancy for impressing people with $15 worth of stuff on your page. You can make a perfectly nice page that looks like what it is – mommy remembering – for very little money and no special skills whatsoever.

This page started out as this sketch. I wanted to use the background to say as much about the lake as the pictures so I used the light blue wave that I bought in a kit for a little over $2.00 in Wal-Mart’s scrapbook department. and then I overlaid it on a piece of darker blue cardstock and traced it so it wasn’t quite lined up and outlined both with a sparkly gen pen. Then I drew some freehand mountain shapes and cut them out, and a green row of trees that I made like you would paper dolls. The letters were cut out of sad printed paper that I downloaded from Epson’s page for digital scrapbookers.


When I was finished there was no room for journaling – and I think that is the most important part (otherwise just get a photo album and save yourself the time, right?) So I cut out a large tree shape from the rest of the sheet of green cardstock (again freehand) and wrote the journaling there – it lives in the page protector behind the layout.


When is too much?, Pt. 4 Definitely too much.

Yesterday, J1 (the seven year old) came over to play. My daughter is already starting to complain about how often they come over and how we never go over there anymore. “They just play with our stuff – not us.” she pouts.

Well, she may not have to worry about it anymore. While they were outside playing in the (fenced in) backyard unsupervised for a few minutes  they decided to start throwing landscaping rocks (the little tiny white ones) over the fence. What they didn’t know was that our neighbor keeps his spare tuck in his side yard which is on the other side of our fence. He was not at all happy and said so over the fence when I went back out to be with the kids.

Every single on of my kids got a lecture on not doing something bad just because someone else does it. (Fittingly, we had studied the story of Adam and Eve that morning – which led to an interesting dinner discussion when one asked what would have happened if Adam had told Eve that he was not going to share the fruit.) And every, single one of them got a time out (even the two year old) and J1 got sent home – AGAIN – this time I didn’t call his mom but sent him home with a note.

Dear J,

The children were caught throwing rocks over the fence. All of my children are in time-out so J has to come home,


If calling her to come get her kids when they are disobeying caused the last to-do a note is probably infinitely worse.  Having someone tell you your kids are being bad is unpleasant and embarrassing but it is part of being a mom. I don’t understand why she can’t handle it. It happened to me – my kids were bad. Did I blame the neighbor?  No.  I addressed the behavior and when their time-out was over I marched them over there to apologize in person – that’s what normal people do.

all she is getting with her “non-stifling” nonsense is a family of kids who are the worst behaved on the cul-de-sac and who are getting increasingly too old for bad behavior to be overlooked.


None of the J’s came over today.

It’s 101 degress – time for an updo.

I am not someone who know, or cares, a lot about fashion but I am always looking for something easy and do-able. Well here are some do-able summer updos I found this morning. Anyone else have long, heavy hair that is getting in the way with all this heat?,,1185001_2,00.html

Inspiration for other New Scrapbookers

Its the 4th of July and we will all be taking a ton of pics, I’m sure. So for those of us who are new to scrapbooking or those of us who are just too busy to make ultra-fancy pages here is some inspiration. This is my page from 2005. I really like how simple it is and yet how fun and festive the bright colors. (Actually, I hated the paper at first – it came in a pack with others I liked on clearance and Michael’s – but I think it looks good paired with the solid red.)